Technologies are ever more perfect – an example of this being the Unibind binding

Unibind Steel Technology

The Unibind Steel system is a combination of the unique technology of binding covers and the document binding device itself. Among the strengths of the system is extreme solidness of binding, professional presentation of bound business documents, easily operable device and fastness of the binding process. The Unibind Steel technologies are proprietary worldwide.

Spine details

SteelMat-detail SteelBook-detail SteelBack-detail When you put a document into the binding machine the binding element starts heating automatically.

Spine details

SteelCrystal-detail SteelBook-dtail The used resin enables to edit easily bound document. You must only heat the document in the binding machine and change page.
The basic element distinguishing the Unibind Steel system from other systems is the steel U-profile in the spines of the Steel covers, ensuring solidness of the binding. In fact, leaves of an open bound document are not stressed in the joint but are bent over the edge of the U-profile. The pages are sealed in the spine using a resin that retains its elasticity even after being heated and cooled afterwards. It does not tend to decay as glue used in other systems.
Binding stronghold
Binding cycle detail

Binding cycle detail

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