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COMPLET SK, spol. s r.o.

COMPLET SK, spol. s r.o. is a company providing complex services in management of printed documents.

COMPLET SK, spol. s r.o. is a subsidiary of the parent company COMPLET a.s., which operates on the territory of the Czech Republic.

Company COMPLET a.s. has since its inception in 1992, focused on the importation and distribution of the copiers manufactured by Japanese producer MITA; after MITA Corporation merged into the concern of KYOCERA Group, the company imported and distributed copiers of the new brand KYOCERA MITA. Though this co-operation ended in 2003, COMPLET keeps providing every support and specialised services directly or indirectly by means of its distribution network to all existing customers for the office machines made in the plants of Mita or Kyocera Mita.

In 2003 COMPLET spol. s r.o. entered into a distribution contract with OLIVETTI S.P.A. and started to import and distribute OLIVETTI office machines in the Czech Republic. In 2004, the company extended distribution of the OLIVETTI products to the Slovak Republic through its subsidiary COMPLET SK, spol. s r. o.

In the middle of 2005, the company was chosen as suitable partner for selling of the unique binding systems UNIBIND of the Belgian company Unibind Manufacturing Ltd. Hence, COMPLET included among its services sale of equipment for finishing copied or printed documents and the supply of relevant consumables.

At the end of 2011, was established a branch in Prague by The company Unibind Manufacturing Ltd. The basis of the agreement with Unibind Manufacturing Ltd., COMPLET a.s. was ended the distribution of Unibind products in the Czech Republic on to 31.12.2011. COMPLET a.s. is still the important business partner for the UNIBIND CR. COMPLET a.s. is engaged in the development of trade and services in new market segments associated with the UNIBIND products.

The Company COMPLET a.s. is still the exclusive dealer of the UNIBIND products on the territory of the Slovak Republic.

Official Data:

Name of the Company: COMPLET SK, spol. s r.o. registered at the Municipal Court in Bratislava under 44339/B Company Id. No.: 36731901 Tax Id. No.: SK2022320982
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